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If you don't find the answers you're looking for below, you can contact us.
We are a bootstrapped start-up, short in resources, willing to help out, but limited in time.
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Can everybody see my places?
Everybody with the right link can see your place. So if you find a Place.Guru link written on a wall and you type it into your browser, you see the place. Be careful who you are sharing your private places with.

If I delete a place, what happens?
Everybody that had the URL will be redirected to our home page since the place / map is no longer available. It will remain for some time in our database though.

When I deleted a place, can it be recovered?
Technically speaking it is likely we can, if you have an account. If you created a place or map without an account, it will take some extra effort to find it and we will charge you for putting it back (€ 90 per hour, don't worry, this won't take a whole hour). So please be wise.

Do you know who I share my places with?
We don't actively keep track of that. If you email your map or place urls, it is your emailbox you use, likewise your social media, sms or chat account. Only if you make your map or place public, everybody will be able to see it in 'Explore'

If I am not (yet) registered, how is it possible you can restore map and places on my device?
We use a cookie. This cookie is put on your device once you create something and it stays on your computer, smartphone or tablet for about 30 days or you delete the cookies. This implies also that you cannot access other places and maps you created on an other device without having an account. It also implies that somebody else using your device can check your latest work. Once you have an account, you can sign in on other devices to check and manage your places.


How many places & maps can I create?
For the moment we do not put limitations on the amount of places & maps you create and keep. That might change over time, depending on how the application is used and performs.

How many places can I put in a map?
As many as you wish, but we advice to keep the maps concise.

How many maps can I put in a map?
We do not put a limit, you can put as many maps into an other map as you wish (nesting), but we do not consider it very prudent to mix up a lot. Keep your maps comprenhensible and interesting for your followers.

If I need a feature not yet present, what do I do?
We are open for suggestions, ask us if we have it on our product road map via the contact page and we'll get back to you.

I want to pay monthly instead of upfront per year.
Sorry, but we do not have the means yet to support montly fees. Monthly paiments will be supported over time and will be a bit more expensive.

When will the business options be available?
Spring 2017


We want to use the Place.Guru API. What is the process?
Once you have a business subscription (49,99 / m) you find your API key in your account along with the documentation. The API permits you to put places on Place.Guru including variables like 'name' , 'description' etc.

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no account is needed

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